Monday, October 12, 2015

Trying to master something I dread.....

I guess every tatter has something they dread doing. For me it is two very different techniques.
Split chains and mignonette stitch......(shivering in a heap in the corner).

Well.... To my amazement I managed to master the split chain thanks to the wonderful tutoring from Susan Moore at our last Tat 'n' Chat in Melbourne. Yes there is evidence but going to hold off showing that just a bit longer!! (But now I can do that pesky TARDIS bookmark for my mate Andrew!)

So now it is on to bare thread spaces.......eeeeek.

 I have read back through my wonderful book by Judi Banashek and have selected ANOTHER Konior pattern called Love-In-A-Mist but only the glass mat version unless I REALLY love it....

BUT!! Always a but when I am doing something I am scared of!

Gloria Nelson from Sparkling Light Creation Studio has come to the rescue with her Bare Thread Space Tool!

With a bare thread space measure AND a picot gauge, this handy little tool will get a reasonable amount of use! 

For more info you can contact Gloria at She is based in Canada and ships worldwide.


  1. That Konior pattern us one of my faves, too! The tool should help. Off I go to get one... I find you use gauges at first and then discard after about a quarter of the pattern.

  2. Nifty tool. I just use a folded piece of paper to measure bare thread spaces.

  3. What a nifty little tool! I share your fear. I have a hard time guessing bare thread distance. It is so much easier to count stitches or beads and let the spacing take care of itself!

  4. Have you tried it yet? Mine arrived last week, but I haven't tried it out. If we lived close by, I'd be in the corner with you!

    1. I have Diane and to be honest I thought I would find it a pain but it was really good!!

  5. I'm waiting for mine to arrive and am trembling in the corner too...Love the look of the bare thread and am never able to do it justice....will follow your adventure with interest...

  6. I bought my bare thread tool and I love it ! I have been using it for picots also and I love the size of it because it fits just right in my hand while I tat. I will be ordering more soon so I always have one on hand.