Update on Amelia.

This girl never ceases to amaze me. The shy little puppy we picked up at the end of May has blossomed into a wonderfully savvy, smart dog with a huge personality and talent to match.

We recently took her down to the beach for a run. This was the second time we had been along the coast with her but this time it was at Balnarring where the waves were not so imposing and there was lots of things to play with.

Ben took his camera along and got some great action shots of her playing in the water and then the dog wrangler (aka ME) had her do some fence jumps so he could take some more.

She behaved beautifully and reveled in the chance to go for a swim.

So I have created a swim monster! Now when we go up to the park it is training, then play chase the ball then a swim in the river before a bit more chasing then a cuddle. Loving this dog. At just on 8 months of age she is really starting to shine.


  1. And what a beautiful swim monster she is! She is a magnificent companion. Lucky you!

  2. Lovely dog. You're so good at finding those with a great personality - Alli also had that.

    1. Yes she did Susanne. She was a lot softer and gentler than this girl but had amazing intellect and loyalty.


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