Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Finally......a Konior Doily added to the collection!

Almost ashamed that I own all of Mary Konior's books and all I had ever done (until now) were a couple of bookmarks and a cross.

So as a challenge at the last tat 'n' chat day in Melbourne I chose to complete 'Primrose Path' from A Pattern Book of Tatting.

Had to laugh. I distinctly remember saying no more motif based doilies for a while and this one has a whole outer round of them!!

Oh well. I accepted the challenge.

So here it is.......

Thread is Lizbeth size 40. Charcoal and Spring Garden.


  1. It is a beauty to look at, and funny I remember saying that too and then doing it all over again. Its a hate, love thing with motifs :)

    1. After doing the last one I was going to give motifs a miss for a while. I started doing it with split rings on the outside but it looked dodgy.

  2. Beautiful! I love that doily pattern. I hesitated trying it for years because of the motifs. When I finished, I couldn't believe that I'd made such a fuss about adding motifs!

  3. Oh and wow, ity is sooo pretty.
    I still have not had the courage to do this either, lol.