What a difference thread makes....

I just finally finished the PuggaPita doily called Anna.
I attempted this a while back and ended up with a twisted wreck of a doily that annoyed me so much I threw it in the draw and didn't bother finishing it.

THEN..... I have been going to some tatting days that Belinda Spence started in Melbourne and met the lovely Alenalea Rako who does hand dyed thread. Not just your ordinary run of the mill HDT....this is SUPER SPECIAL stuff. Drool until you can't drool any more stuff!!!
Best of all??? For us Aussies....FINALLY someone right here in Australia making high quality tatting HDT!!
(found at https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/AlenAleaDesign)

This is the difference between loving what you are tatting and hating it.....

To the right is the first attempt using Lizbeth 40. To the left is my latest attempt, straight off the shuttle, NO blocking, using Lea's thread. Such an incredible difference.

From the shuttles, no blocking as yet. This thread was a pleasure to work with.

Lea's threads are carefully dyed and the color combinations are really well thought out and she can also do custom colors.

If you are looking for some different, high quality threads right here in Australia this is definitely the person to speak to!

AND.... a plug for this wonderful new little group that Belinda Spence has started!!

If you are a tatter in Australia and you are in Melbourne, or you live in and around Melbourne we meet downstairs in the Dymock's Cafe in Collins Street one month and Blahnik Cafe in Equitable Place on the alternate month. All levels of tatters are more than welcome. Happy to teach someone to tat if that is what they want too!!

More details and meeting dates can be found on the facebook group...... Tatting The Australian Way.


  1. Fantastic!

    HATE Lizbeth. Cannot find suitable alternative... I ordered a few skeins from Lea, but it has been ages and it is still not here... : (

    I am waiting for the Aussie-mail, eager to try it. : )


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