Friday, July 17, 2015

Backward progress....

Well as usual from my efforts lately I have had to go backwards a couple of steps in my progress on this doily!

There I was chugging along nicely and feeling proud that I was not stressing about how many single little motifs there were in this pattern when....!! You guessed it.......

I had a major case of the "I don't need to look at the pattern any more on this round cos it is in my head!!"

WRONG!! (figure that is why it didn't sit nicely for me!)

So I did what all 'trying to be good' tatters do. I chucked a hissy and cut off the offending round and went off in search of something else to do. (lucky for the dog she needed some training that day).

Upside number one of it is that it was only one round and I was able to sit back for a while and discuss the whole mess with Amelia (the dog) and Miss Kitty (the cat) who both looked at me as if I was totally mad and argued that it needed some more color to brighten up the rather dull blues I had used anyway and it was therefore a good mistake I had made. I agreed and went off in search of another color to add and make it 'pretty', leaving them to resume their daily discussion over who got the better deal at meal time.

Luckily Ben came home and rescued me from further sliding into the delusion that the animals were actually being helpful and we had a nice cup of tea and a bikky. So everything is all better now and the animals can go back to pretending they don't understand a thing I say.

The other upside was that I was so peeved at myself for once again having to cut off so much work that I vowed to do ALL the motifs for the next motif round before I went any further. (nearly half way)


  1. Awwww....I love the blues!! :)
    As for the discussion with the animals.....well.....I would just be careful that they don't make all the decisions. ;)

  2. Yes it is such a pity having to cut off a round - I had to do that with the last round when I was almostt done because I knew I could do better than that. Now I am in the process of hiding ends so it wont be long till it is on my blog. And soon I will have to find out what to do next, roflol.
    I love the discussions with the animals - they are so clever. ;-)