Why is my tatting time limited?

Someone wrote to me the other day and asked why I had not updated my blog with tatting lately.....Oh wow...what a question!

Between leaving my job (where admittedly I had a LOT of tatting time), helping Ben film Debutante Balls, playing photographer at a recent wedding, and dealing with a demanding (in the nicest possible way) new family member, my tatting time has been limited quite a bit lately.

Here is ONE of the reasons......
Meet Amelia

A Border Collie x Kelpie (about 17 weeks in this pic)

After losing the amazing Alli (a red kelpie) in August last year I was very reluctant to get another dog even though it would be the first time in my entire life that I was without one (or more), But it was nagging me so I started thinking about what type of dog. It had to be trainable, intelligent, loyal and quirky, but not being on the farm any more, if I WAS to get one, it would have to be one that was NOT an energetic working breed.......yeah....right....famous last words!

Don't ask me why but the very basic ad and photo of her spoke to me, so we went on a 9 hour round trip to collect her from south west Victoria!

Incredibly she slept all the way home and has been a pretty cool little surprise packet so far. Keenly intelligent and willing to learn. AND.....quirky!
Looking forward to seeing how she grows up.

She took a keen interest the other night in a bubble shooting game I was playing on the laptop. She kept trying to eat the bubbles as they shot across the screen. So I started teaching her to tap the mousepad to release a bubble....didn't take long before she got the idea. Lucky it is an old laptop!
Some of her natural behaviours and quirks are going to set her up for a heap of tricks to teach her later!!


  1. Puppies are like babies in that they take up so much more of our time than we ever anticipate. She's an adorable puppy!

  2. Would love to see a video of the puppy using the laptop!

  3. I've never met a dog that could use a computer! I do have a whippet that watches the TV. When horses run by she runs to the window to see where they've gone. I'm glad you've got a new friend. :-)

  4. WOW!!! Amelia is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!!

    I know all about that falling for a photo business. MIsha, the Burmilla, captured my heart in a pic of him that I saw on the computer when looking around at various breeds. I too had to drive way out of my district to adopt him. And he was my soulmate for 10 years.... May you have such a grand relationship with your new family member. I know you shall!

    That computer photo is hilarious. I can feel her concentration across the Internet.
    Fox : )

  5. She is looking lovely.
    Alli liked a book when she was a puppy and Amy seems to like the computer, roflol. What awesome dogs you've got.

  6. I, too, would love to see a video! An adorable photo and sweet dog! I'm amazed you have any time to tat. It's nice seeing you back!


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