AHA!!! Gotcha!! NOW I am happy!!

Went flying with Ben today and decided to try out the headset I bought for myself ages ago.

When I got my gear out I noticed a lump in the bag pocket.
Inside was a box.


Inside the box were the rest of my missing shuttles!!! 8 from Italy and the two from Sally Kerson in the UK that I had bought at Christmas 2013 and thought I had lost in the move.
Must have got put in there for safe keeping. Gee I am good at that aren't I?

Great day all round!
Sighs of relief followed by laughter at my stupidity.....


  1. Ah, little stinkers hiding from you!

  2. Glad you found them!! :)
    Isn't it terrible that we put things away for safe keeping and they are truly safe....from us?? :)


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