Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wayward Travellers Return.....

Not sure I posted this earlier but the wayward travellers finally found their way home. (read that as .........yes..... I mislaid them!)

I had put them into an old video box to take with me to Temora in November 2013 under the stupid premise that they were so small and precious I had better put them somewhere safe and I would not lose them in such a big container... LOL ...yeah right!!

Well when I got home it was all go go go moving from the farm and I just completely forgot what I put them in instead!!

The ebony GR-8 gave me so much cheek about being replaced and how it had to spend all that time in a box with a yellow "Pony" shuttle when it returned that I finally gave up on it and sold it to Roberta Lawson in Queensland. I hope it is behaving!!!

The Hinton Winder however is now under lock and key and only brought out under strict supervision where it and it's precious little winder can be monitored at all times!!!


  1. My Hinton winder is safely stowed away as well. I don't dare take it out of the house! I'm glad you found everything!

  2. I know the feeling and sometimes I have tatting attached to the little buggers!

  3. Still missing the shuttles from Sally Kerson and the Italian el-cheapo ones. Only really care about the ones from Sally. It has me baffled where they ended up.