The things you do around midnight.....

I have to put this somewhere other than the Facebook was just wayyyy too funny to lose.

Angela Van de Kimmenade posted a picture on the Facebook page Tatting Shuttle Addicts of a shuttle Graham Eckett made for his lovely wife Diana. Diana passed away several years ago and her shuttle collection went into Angela's very capable and loving care (thank goodness)

Anyway the shuttle is based on a Klingon Bat'leth and is a definite one of a kind.

Of course this started a whole discussion about Klingons tatting and Lisa Greenlee Adams commenting "Worf, the ultimate tatter" you do when you really should be getting to bed early because you have to be up early the next day but can't resist a chance to be silly.............Ben and I started having some fun. Me in a very minor way using Paint (because I can't use Photoshop!!)

And Ben's brilliant Photoshop work that followed!!!!!!

We consequently went to bed well after midnight and nearly slept in on Monday morning!!!



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