Friday, August 9, 2013

Stash find........

Today I found the most beautiful thread I bought from Brenda (Bre-Aly Threads on Etsy) a couple of years ago....problem is I cannot remember what I bought it for LOL.

It must have been something special because it is size 10 and I never tat with 10....

Any suggestions?  Have three 175 yard balls and it is a gorgeous soft blue/purple combination. Pic coming soon!


  1. sounds great I have a pattern for something that would take that size thread, but haven't perfected it yet so it got to wait :) unless you let me buy one off of you?

    1. I would but I just KNOW there was something I bought it for!!!
      Sister has cancer and just lost her hair from chemo - thinking I might use it for a nice tatted hat if I can find a nice pattern.

  2. Jan Stawasz tats with 10 - plenty of choice there.

  3. Brenda's threads are beautiful! I love making Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel glass mat with hand-dyed threads... Any design that flows from the center to the outside edge rather than round and round seems to work well.

  4. Or something from Tatting from Burda? - size 10 doilies in there too.