Monday, July 8, 2013

TA DA..........!!!!!

Oh well......finally finished my "return" doily. A lovely pattern by Inga Madsen from issue 48 of the Danish Tatting Association magazine. Truly a gem of a magazine to subscribe to!!

Being autumn here when I started it I thought I would have an autumn color scheme. Got to say though I was less than impressed with the Lizbeth thread I used. It had a lot of lumps in it - some undyed spots and 4 joins in the ball....
. But it helped me decide that I no longer like tatting with size 20 threads so might be some giveaways on the horizon!!

The shuttles Fox sent me worked a treat - I adore using them and the Clovers feel really clumsy in my hands now so I think I have had a change of heart about shuttles as well!!

Thank you my tatting friends - your encouragement and support has made my return to tatting a wonderful experience and I am actually looking forward to the next projects!!.......

Thought I had better put up some other pics as many things have happened in the past year.

Last August - I tracked down a wooden patternmakers toolbox at a local car parts store....Ben and I went to look at it. Out of the blue - as I was coming back into the store after going out to the car to get a ball of thread to see if it fit.....Ben was walking out with a grin on his face - followed by the store guy carrying the box out to the car...A BRILLIANT surprise early birthday present!!!

Since then, as I have been pondering a return to tatting, Ben has been incredibly supportive and patient listening to me waffle on about shuttles and thread and( to his credit) - has avoided the whole "nod vaguely and say aha and that's nice lots" syndrome !!

Last week he surprised me again with a beautiful Victorian gold trinket box for my most precious shuttle!! So here they are..... My Ben gifts.....


  1. Oh finally I see a picture of the wooden box you've told me about some time ago. It is so lovely and perfect for your supplies, probably just what you needed for your tatting corner (if that still exists).
    The gold trinket box is awesome, but I wonder if it is big enough for the precious shuttles. ;-)
    He is definitely a keeper.

  2. Forgot to say that the doily is beautiful too. The colours you've chosen are a lot better than the ones I used for mine. Well done.

  3. WOW! Love that! Gorgeous pattern.
    Fox : )

  4. A whole BOXFUL of thread!! what a magnificent gift. I love your Danish Doily.

  5. Yes I ran into same problem with the thread and someone told me they will replace the thread and there first batches were bad. I did get some later on and was much better. but I still think they should have sent me a notice to check the thread and they would return it, that wasn't nice. You did a beautiful job and love the color combination you picked. I used that variegated color but instead of the green i use the deep red color that turned out great too. this is also Carollyn from Carollyn's tatting blog.

    1. Yes I think deep russet brown or something might have worked better but wasn't in the stash so not buying any more thread until I use up some of what is here.....well that's my story and I will stick to it. As long as I stay away from Maureen (lol) I should be safe....but I must admit those trips to Maleny are pretty good!!!