Sunday, July 21, 2013

More for the collection....

Looks like things are nearly back to normal LOL....these two shuttles have been added to the collection.

 I have a couple lots...of the old black and white Milward shuttles but had never seen these Clover ones. Purchased this one from "furrybaby" on Etsy.
 Same material, different color and a neat little point. The seller of this one has another for sale that is black and white....and again...Clover!

Does anyone know anything about these shuttles?

Then came the Lydia Pinkham......fake or not?? Well according to research yes....However this one came from a collection that was quite old so not that sure any more. Who cares really - it is just a bit of fun collection....not a money maker!


  1. I love those old shuttles. I have a Milward also, but have never seen that Clover. Nice collectibles!

  2. Really collecting is about having something to treasure and look at when you want cheering up. Least that's what my collection is for!!!

  3. hey I bought the same red shuttle on an esty sight. like you because I have a real milward one. Looks like mine came from china I love the color but the edges are so sharp it hurts. I took sandpaper to the side, I was afraid it would fray the thread. I love my real milward black and white one, went to by another and it was made like this red one It was a remake and lighter plastic and not the quality I did return that one. I wish they made them like they used to. I have a tatting collection and will always keep the red one but miss the age of quality. I have a blog to if you care to check it out it's called Carollyn's tatting blog. Some time I will post my shuttles love to look at shuttles its fun.

  4. I have one of the Clover and in red as well, and one Milward. The Clover was gifted to me by a friend when I taught her how to tat. I don't know much of its history, though. The Milward surfaced at my MIL's house when we were packing up all the stuff for a move.

  5. Madtatter was yours from Furrybaby?