Saturday, July 27, 2013

A short break from tatting.....

Some days are worth getting up early for...

 A thumbs up from Nathan to Ben...probably cos I managed not to scare the crap out of him....

Right about now I am spewing that the flight has ended.....

Not to worry though - Ben decided to go for a fly after I finished my lesson so I got to go up again.....and relax this time!!!


  1. yes my family used to have one when I was growing up. I call those planes the Volkswagen of the sky:) its the way they rumble and feel to me.

  2. WOW. I've just gone GREEEEEEEN with envy. I went up in a glider twice when I was in my late forties and the second time we did stunts. I LOVED it. Probably better with an engine, though!!!

  3. I asked John what sort of plane it is - a Cessna? Fly up to Qld - and there's PLENTY of room to fit a shuttle as well.

  4. What fun! This post made me smile. The theme for Palmetto Tat Days this year is "Tatting Takes Wing".

  5. WOW looks like you are having fun, love to you both

  6. Plane is a Tecnam P92 super Echo. a gorgeous (if a bit squishy) little machine and I had a ball flying it. Looking forward to going again soon.

  7. My husband was surprised to learn about this aircraft. It certainly resembles the Cessna 150 he used to fly way back from 1968 to 1972, on floats. (We were ages 24-28). He acquired the seaplane license first, to fly from the rivers around here. Then he got his land rating just to say he had it. Sady, in 1972 the seaplane base was destroyed in a flood here in Pittsburgh (due to Hurricane Agnes), but the 3 planes were saved (floating on a barge) by a quick thinking towboat captain. The Cessna was converted to wheels ( funny to see it that way). We built our house in 1973, and flying was too expensive. I also bravely went on a few flights but was not comfortable and I feel the same about commercial flights (but did make it to Hawaii twice, and a few other places). I wanted him to achieve his dream
    and did feel bad about his giving it up, but i did worry when he went up. We've spent a lot of time at air shows and museums. I am impressed and envious that you want to learn to fly. By the way, his seaplane instructor and seaplane base ownerwas a woman! In those days she wouldn't have been allowed to fly the big commercial planes. She did have a multi engine rating, and was an excellent pilot and instructor. She went to Florida where she became an FAA examiner.

    1. Kathy...they are about the same size and engine capacity. Apparently the main difference is the fuel consumption on the Tecnam is about half of the Cessna which is why the school uses them. Squashy inside but a lot of fun to fly!!

  8. Thanks for the info about the plane! My husband thinks it would be a lot of fun to fly it! It did look like a tight fit for two! I admit I'm still not fond of flying, though. So I truly am envious - but happy - that you love it! I think of all the adventures we could have had . . . !