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Once upon a time, many many moons ago, there was a pattern that just leapt out from the page. It was a pretty little doily by Lissy Madsen, published in the Danish Tatting Association magazine.....

So the ever intrepid Liyarra decided that it was the pattern of choice for that particular tatting session and set out to give it a go...

However.. that naughty little, ever so simple looking, pattern just refused to be tatted and Liyarra found herself piffing several versions of it into the fireplace. (in those days ALL mistakes had to be disposed of as soon as possible, lest the "I can't do it" monster woke and consumed all the thread stash)...

After several failed attempts, a LOT of mumbling and the occasional contribution to the naughty word jar, a version appeared that was half reasonable. So, in order to not completely fail and allow the monster access to the thread stash, Liyarra tried a second version. This was much prettier than the first and even today holds pride of place on her tatting display stand on her desk. Purely to remind her that while giving in has it's place in life, giving up should not be an option......

Hang in there Fox... we know you can do it!!!!!

The End.......


  1. Those are gorgeous!!! :)
    Fabulous story!!! You are a creative writer as well as tatter!! :)

  2. Wow, that's lovely. Fantastic colours too.

  3. ARGGGHHHH!!!!! You did the TWO-coloured version! That is what made me deranged... I will be posting my boring, one-colour drab version very soon. : ((

    Yours is absolutely marvellous! I love it.

    Your Ardent Follower, Fox : )

  4. Oh, how pretty! The colors you chose are gorgeous together!

  5. Well written, I have just come from Fox's blog, I love the little pattern and hope now she can do it, she's using such a beautiful colour thread, I am expecting great things.

  6. What I didn't add was that the two color version was what made me as mad as I am today......when I finished it off the second thread color pulled out after I cut the ends!!!!!

  7. LOL. You did make me smile: "naughty word jar" (mine has over flowed), "monster"... Thank you for an entertaining read and lovely eye candy. You are right, the pattern looks deceptively simple.

  8. May I please ask where we can find this pattern please?

  9. So lovely! I came over from Fox's blog... to ask the same question I asked her... do you happen to know how much thread the motif uses..? Thanks so much!

    And, it is so nice to have you active agian in the on-line tatting world. I missed you!

    (I'm Monica from, and soyloquesoy at InTatters)

  10. Thank you all for your lovely comments. It is good to be back. I have missed you all and am enjoying catching up on each of your blogs!! So many lovely things and so much development of your talents while I have been away. You should all be very proud of yourselves.

    The pattern is just a small doily by Lissy Madsen on page 11 issue 19 of the Danish Tatting Association magazine Orkis Bladet in 2003. It uses way less than a ball of thread but I cannot tell you exactly how much of each color I used.....mainly because I had SEVERAL attempts at them before I got it right!!! So I guess - there is enough in a ball of thread for a LOT of attempts.....

  11. Oh and it was Perfect Quilter which is about a 70-80 thread on a spool.... Think I used a full shuttle of the green and half a shuttle of pansy- using standard Clover shuttles.

  12. That's really helpful! Thanks!



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