8, 9 and 10...

I hate it when I make something then lose the pattern...grrrrrrrrrr. Found many things lately that I had forgotten about but still cannot find the ones I want!

Here are some more bookmarks and a lesson deserved and learned LOL.. But then again it DID give me an idea....watch this space (not too intensely - it could take a while!)

Bookmark 8

Ok so you're saying - Again with Julie Patterson stuff?....muahhhhaaaahhaahhhaahhhaaa (really need to practice that evil laugh) - can't help it - just LOVE these patterns. Have done this one in so many different color combos. Always comes out nicely.

The pattern is called Wishbones from her book Just Marking Tome and the thread is Lizbeth 20 color: Springtime.

Bookmark 9

This is mine. Easter Daisy. The pattern I lost and only just found again. Can't find the original tatting either so had forgotten all about it until I found the pattern the other day. Wasn't in my tatting diary or anything so not sure why that slipped through. I've played around with it a bit and redone the daisy to sit a bit better. Originally I made the pattern for an Easter competition for the Queensland Tatters as I was going up there for one of their meetings.The entries were amazing - so many talented ladies in that group. Can't wait to get back up there in August.

Thread is size 40 Venus.

Bookmark 10.. aka read the pattern stupid....

This is where one learns that to achieve the correct "look" one must actually READ the pattern before rushing headlong into it LOL

The top - clearly I had no idea what I was doing!! (But it has raised an idea for a future pattern.....)

The bottom one finally GOT it!

The pattern is spiral bookmark found on Gina's site : Threads of a Tatting Goddess. Great site for info and a good tatting read


Thread is Anchor 12 perle - I love that thread for bookmarks and doilies that I need to be soft yet keep shape. Such wonderful colors too!!

Now THESE colors are loved by many, detested by many in Victoria. They are the Collingwood Football Club colors. (No NOT my team) I made this for a friend who requested that I make her a bookmark in the "correct" colors. So as much as it REALLY hurt to make ANYTHING in that club's colors I did it just for her...awwwwwww.........


  1. Really enjoying your bookmarks Liyarra! So many patterns I'd not seen. And beautifully tatted.

  2. I love youe Easter Daisy design - gorgeous!

  3. Your bookmarks look amazing and my favorite is your Easter Daisy!!! :)

  4. I've said it before and I'll repeat myself again - I LOVE Jules Patterson's designs.

  5. I love them too - if only I had more of them LOL. I collected all the ones I could find in the NSW Guild newsletters etc. but there are NEVER enough!!!

  6. Outstanding tatting! You have been busy! All of the bookmarks are delightful!
    Fox : )

  7. Love the way you're making all of these. I ordered the Ironwood? pattern last week. I really like that one of Julie Patterson's, Wishbones. Is it in a book? Haven't heard from her anywhere online for awhile. This one reminds me of bubbles!

  8. How lovely to read you around Liyarra!

    I like all your bookmarks in recent posts, but the Wishbones one did strike my fancy. Such a happy, bubbly look!

    I must say the "variation" on the spiral one is aesthetically pleasing to me too - not spiral, I agree, but pleasing in an interlocking sort of way. I love to play with colour placements!

  9. They are all lovely. The Julie Patterson one sure works up well in variegated threads. As to your 'mistake' with Gina's pattern, I like it. It has more of an interwoven look than a spiral, but it is a beautiful bookmark.

  10. We would not mind the teasing quite so much if you could help us get our hands on a copy of Marking Tome... Half a world away, we are not really in a good position to persuade Julie to release more of them into the market. Your Easter Daisy is absolutely gorgeous. The contrast in size between the flower and the rest of the body of the bookmark really makes it very interesting visually. So glad that you are back into tatting!

  11. your book marks are really wonderful, my favorite is the daisy, that is one of my favorite flowers ! excellent job!!

  12. Wow, your bookmarks are so beautiful. Good work!
    All the best, Aggie.

    This is the address of my blog: www.szydelkoagusi.blogspot.com


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