Round 2 - bookmarks 1-3

Decided to do the 25 Motif Challenge again -  this time in bookmarks! With a bit of luck I might find some ones that are not really commonly used. So if you know of any really different ones please feel free to let me know!

Ok here is the first of a few done in the last month... yep slowly getting back into tatting.

Bookmark 1

This is Rosy Ironbark. The pattern is by Karen Bickerton from Queensland Australia.
She has this pattern for sale on her etsy site:

Love it!!!!! Have done 4 of these now and it will probably remain one of my favourites.
Thread is Altin Basak 50.

Bookmark 2

This one is from Just Marking Tome by Julie Patterson (another Aussie). Julie's patterns are always fun to do and I really like using her designs a lot. Thread is Lizbeth Dark Purple 40. Doesn't really show up well in the photo but it also has gold Delica beads on it. The thread was really lumpy and had joins as well. Very NOT impressed with it. So I thought I had better make it up to my exchange partner by sending a second one! (my excuse and I am sticking to it - It was tat or hit someone...that sort of day LOL)

Bookmark 3

Another one from Just Marking Tome by Julie Patterson. Thread is Manuela 204 size 20 - had some stashed away!! Both of these bookmarks were done for the bookmark exchange on InTatters.


  1. Oh, another Julie Patterson fan. I LOVE her work. Clear, crisp and very different patterns. Not heard from her for years - hope she's well. My favourite? The bottom one.

  2. As usual, I am awestruck at your meticulous stitching. Love the bookmark patterns and cannot find any of Julie's anywhere online! Out of print?

    My fave? The middle one - yummy.
    Fox : )

  3. awesome bookmarks. i oogle at the 2nd one, somewhat celtic? love the 3rd one.

  4. I LOVE the purple one but they are all lovely! Thank you for the new book to add to my listen.

  5. I love that you're looking for the unusual. I really like that first one - very new to me!

  6. I love the third one-the pattern as well as the thread choice!

  7. WOW! Amazing last bookmark. I haven't been able to find the book of patterns online. Is it out of print?

  8. Thanks for the nice comments. Julie's book is out of print but you might be able to find it every now and then on eBay.
    Julie and her family started a restaurant a few years ago and it consumed all of her spare time so tatting had to take a back seat.
    Her designs are wonderful in appearance and so nice to tat.
    Hopefully one day she might get back to tatting. We can all hope!! But for now I am happy that she at least has a restaurant that is busy!

  9. OMGosh! Those are some really cool bookmarks! I am really drooling over the first photo! MAN! I am going to be keeping a close eye on your blog so I can see all the really neato bookmarks you come up with doing the challenge and find some nifty patterns from you! I am intrigued now! THanks for the link! I'm going to go check this out! That is awesome and you did a beautiful job on it! Oh! I have really missed blogging these last several months! I just posted today after like...eons! So now I will be explaining WHY...soon!'s so good to "see" you again my friend! I recently moved from California to Utah...that is 700 miles away so that is partly why I haven't been around! :) (((hugs)))
    ~TattingChic ♥


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