The BIG adventure.....

Only 8 more sleeps to the start of the BIG adventure........

Nope can't say TOO much cos there are too many who just don't know yet and maybe it's not that big a deal except to me and one other - the instigator of this whole idea!!!!!

Needless to say it is history in the making and will be a blast...... and if you are clever and have a good think about it you JUST might be able to work it out........

More later.......MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..........
(pathetic evil laugh ....I know.....sorry)


  1. Oh goody! A big surprise! Whatever are you up to???
    Fox : ))

  2. I'm so glad you have something coming up and something to look forward to. The only thing is, I hate secrets. Eight sleeps until you reveal, I can't wait.

    Take care

  3. Does this have anything to do with Jane Eborall? She had the same sort of mischevious post this week...

  4. Hmmm...not that I am aware of Krystle...I had better go have a chat to her.....might be more interesting that I thought if we end up in the same place.................That would make it a HUGE adventure.
    But then I would have to edit my heading.......

  5. :)

    "I think I know, I think I know, I THINK I know....."

    might be a little ROCKY ?

  6. Jenni,
    As long as you have fun & are safe whatever you are doing...that's all I care about! So I'll wait now & see what you are up to girl! Cause you need good adventures in your life. What better time for that after all this is the season for magical things to happen! Be safe my friend & enjoy what you are doing.

  7. More mystery in Tat-land! It must be part of the Christmas season!

  8. December is full of surprises - do you have to add another? Can't wait to hear about your adventure :)

  9. ooh, a secret! What fun! I'll be checking back to see what it's all about.

  10. In tatland, I think we all love surprises. Watching for it... Have fun meanwhile.

  11. Maureen you cheated!!!!!!! LOL

    Only 3 sleeps to go. Carol and I are looking forward to the time away from work. Probably more than the event itself.....oops more clues.....LOL


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