Friday, March 12, 2010

New HDT finds

This thread is the second of the Etsy purchases I made a couple of weeks ago. The seller is BreAly Threads. Really like this one. It tatted up well with no twisting or breaking and the colors are refreshing. 135metres/150 yards to a centre pull ball. Decent postage cost and all over (I think) a good buy. Seller (Brenda)  is really nice to deal with and should have more stock in soon

They are marketed under Bre-Aly Threads. The one on the left is called Sage Rose and the one on the right is called Dream. Both are size 30 and the base thread used is Omega brand. I think it is a nice one and I will be keeping an eye out for her new stock. Scanner is playing up a bit - the colors are quite warm and blend together nicely. Look a bit harsh in this pic.


  1. Brenda's threads are very nice! I happen to own a few balls!

  2. Not at all harsh on my screen - They are both in fact beautiful!

    I have already checked out the link... thanks. I might try it when she re-stocks.

    I can't seem to help myself.... LOL!
    Fox : )

  3. It is very nice to be told about your experience and opinion about these threads. Thanks, mate.

  4. Thanks for sharing news of new HDT -- you know the unrepentant thread junkie that I am cannot resist such news!

    And of course your opinion on how the thread works up is indispensable information. Have you used Omega threads before this? Have these new HDTs changed you view of Omega one way or the other? I have never used Omega threads. Inquiring minds....

  5. Hi Isdihara. I have never even seen Omega thread before. I am finding it ok to tat with.
    We are pretty much limited here to using DMC or Coats or Altin Basak here. Hasn't been much else available and the supply is not always reliable.
    Now we have a seller who is bringing in Lizbeth things should look up. But thread remains an expensive outlay as we have to pay high shipping costs on top of the thread cost.
    It can nearly double the cost of a ball of thread in the US.
    That is why I like to check out all the options on what I can get.