Sunday, January 17, 2010

Motif 5

Another quiet day....another motif.........
This one is again from the Frauberger book. Not so rapt in the thread though.....good news is that was the last of it!!! Why is that good news????
Cos it gives me an excuse to buy some more Lizbeth!!!!!!!!!

Altin Basak 50. Olive green


  1. Your tatting is so lovely. beautiful.

  2. These are exceptionally nice motifs. Or perhaps you are just an exceptionally good tatter and make them look outstanding. :-)

  3. Hello Liyarra,
    You worked the design very well. The thread is a lovely color and appears to tat nicely, with beautiful, even stitches. You did great work. So I wonder: What is wrong with the thread?

  4. I love that motif also and the thread!! What a good color

  5. Thank you for such nice comments.
    Gina - no, the motifs are just THE best.
    Hegla - the thread is really hard to deal with - it twists a lot. I guess after using the Lizbeth - (which cooperated with me) this one felt all unco. I find the Altin Basak has a lot of stretch to it when I use it. I have to concentrate hard to get even stitches.

  6. This one really jumps off the page (or screen!). Your tatting is so perfect, and I'm curious how you hide your threads.

    I've never tatted with this thread, so your comments about it are interesting. You seem to have 'tamed the beast', so to speak. At first glance, I thought it WAS Lizbeth.

    You're making me want that Frauberger book!