Thursday, January 14, 2010

Motif 3

OK this time I WILL get the name right!!! I did the two from the Konior book on the same day. Just put the wrong pic up!!! Ah well.....

This one is DEFINITELY "Masquerade" designed by Mary Konior and found in Tatting With Visual Patterns.

Again the thread is Manuela 204. Size 20.
I wanted to do a larger mat in this thread but am still tossing up which pattern I will use. Might just end up a jumble of a lot of different motifs if I don't decide soon !!!!


  1. Gorgeous! I really do need to get that Mary Konior book ....

  2. I love this motif! I think I might have to break out my Mary Konior book again!

  3. After viewing your AMAZING slideshow, I feel that you are already on the THIRD round of the 25 Motif Challenge! Please show and describe these pieces in your blog, and how you came to make them. (Most of my posts so far have been about things I made in the past.)

    I'm so impressed with your lovely tatting, and the big projects you have completed in only six years. Such exquisite doilies! I have yet to make one 'large' doily after 20 years!

    And this Masquerade motif is shown off beautifully with the luminescent quality of the Manuela thread. Wonderful tatting and great photo!

  4. I dug out the pattern. It is really lovely. Another must-tat. Thanks for showing it so beautifully!
    Fox : )

  5. It looks really pretty, Liyarra! :)