Saturday, January 9, 2010

Falling for Lizbeth.......

Like so many tatters before me I have fallen in love with Lizbeth thread. (took me long enough!!)
I finally bit the bullet and ordered some through Debbie Arnold at DS9 Design. Being cautious after some not-so-great thread purchases, I ordered just 4 balls - Caribbean and turquoise in 40 and Caribbean and royal blue in 20. Then I sat patiently and waited.....and waited.....and waited (what sort of idiot orders thread from the other side of the world right before Christmas?????????????)

Ok so it arrived safely and looked fantastic and it sat there on my desk for all to admire......

UNTIL....that little tatting demon inside started its whining.........
um...hello??? is NOT an ornament..... it IS there to use....... tatting?? remember that???? it is NOT too hot to tat.......stop procrastinating......DO SOMETHING!!!!!!! You knooooowww you waaaannntt to!!

But what to make with this precious thread stash???...
Over the next few days I waded through my vast library of patterns, made a short list, threw it away, made another one and finally just grabbed one of the many sitting on the desk......  Yarnplayers ARCHES pattern won.

It was like the red shoes - once I started I could not stop!! But at least this tale has a happy ending. Here is the result!! I must say I am really pleased with it and loved this 40 thread to work with. I also love this pattern by Yarnplayer - thanks for making it available to us all Marilee it is a beauty.


  1. Just lovely.. I was also thinking of buying those exact colors..maybe now I will.

  2. Yes, Marilee's design is a beauty.
    Your work is so awesome that I can not find the right word for it - a fantastic job, mate.