Thursday, November 12, 2009

Challenges and show successes

Hmmm... where to start.

Sometimes you can be challenged to do something you REALLY do not feel you can do. But it was your best friend who asked and you can't say no - after all it IS tatting......

So this is the way it went down:

Dantatter and I have, for over 5 years now, been regular chatting buddies on MSN. We have had many hours of chatting and tatting and nutting out patterns online. With the exception of one (way too) brief time when she was in Australia - we haven't really had the luxury of sitting together in a space to tat so we created our own little room online instead! (comfy chairs and mile high stacks of chocolate abound..........hey it's OUR fantasy space ok?? )

Often we find we are tatting the same patterns and our taste in patterns is quite similar. Neither of us had ever tackled a big doily. So what better idea than to do a BIG doily at the same time????? Great idea???- come the hard part - choose the pattern.........(groan).

After looking and discussing and looking some more, then arguing good naturedly about it and looking again - we decided on a pattern from the Danish Tatting Association Orkis Bladet -( their newsletter.)

Lo and behold - it turned out to be a pattern I have so studiously avoided that I thought I had got away with NEVER having to do it. Ewwwwww - it had LOTS of picots. But in the spirit of challenge and friendship I said yes. After all Dantatter would have to do them all as well!!!!  Hehehehehe (pathetic maniacal laugh)

It took a while and it had a few challenges to it but all in all it was a rather nice one to tat - sat well, looked ok and I managed to get rid of most of the picots!

Finished - scanned, shown to Dantatter and put away. UNTIL........OH NO - Whittlesea Show deadline looming and I did not have a real contender.....and I bet you know it from here eh?

Yep - in the spirit of "it's always the one you hate the most" it won a second prize!!!


  1. It should have had a first prize, boo hoo.
    I am so proud of you doing thise biggie with still a lot of picots :-D "Tillykke", mate.
    And I am so proud of us both taking up the challenge, we are so courageous.

  2. Your tatting is superb, and I look forward to seeing lots in the future - especially your own designs!

  3. Congratulations on the win, Jenni - wasn't this tatted in very fine thread?
    Glad to see you have rediscovered your passion after the break.

  4. Thanks for your comments. It was tatted in a perle 12 Maureen - so about a 40.

  5. And now a picture of your big doily have been printed in my guild magazine - next to mine. What a joy it has been doing this design together with you.