Monday, October 22, 2018

Tardy tardy tardy....

Oh my. 7th December 2017 was my last post to this page. Definitely need to pull my finger out and catch up.

2016-17 was a crazy time for me with very little time to tat. Our dairy farmers here in Victoria were hit by a milk price crisis and needed some support so I spent most of my time as a volunteer with Northern Victoria Farmer Relief Drive, running out to farms and delivering hampers and trying to help people get things back on track. I loved working with farming families, just wish it had been under better circumstances.

So now I am back into the tatting pretty full on until the heat hits in our southern summer, so I thought it was time to catch up.

I will be adding posts in chronological order things were tatted or received in so I can keep this as my main diary of what happens when so please bear with the out of order posts.

Today Ben and I are starting to photograph my shuttle collection so i hope to be adding pics of that to the shuttle page and add as much information as possible to the descriptions as I discover more about them.

Glad to be back and I hope I can show some interesting and fun stuff over the coming months.



  1. Good to have you back. Just going to put you on the front of my blog so you'll HAVE to keep blogging!!!!!

  2. So nice to 'see' you again! Glad Jane is giving you a 'push'. I, myself, have been quite lax with my blog, and I haven't been doing the important kinds of things you have been doing. I admire your generosity with your time and effort. I'm also envious that you are going into summer, although ours was much too hot or too rainy this year in Pennsylvania. Had to stay indoors, just like in winter! Love reading all the blogs, though.

    I'll be interested in seeing the shuttle descriptions. I know you have quite a collection!